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    "Duck on the Train"

    Title: Duck on the Train Author: Wi'am Ahmed Language: Arabic Age Group: 2+ years The train moved, then it stopped. A duck got on... Two ducks on the train. The mother is looking for stories to teach her children numbers, so it's time to learn numbers and counting from 1 to 10 through reading the story "Duck on the Train" and listening to the fun song. The child will learn numbers by listening to the song and memorizing it, as it is written and composed in a way that makes it easy to memorize and remember. It captivates children and stays in their minds for a long time, encouraging them to memorize it, learn the numbers, and understand the concept of counting and sequence. However, the story is not just a song about numbers. It is essential to add interesting and exciting information to the story to make it different and increase our children's knowledge and culture in a simple way. The story "Duck on the Train" presents 10 different types of ducks. The child learns about their shapes from the pictures in the story while strolling in the dinosaur park.
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