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    Picture of "Learning with Flashcards - ABC"

    "Learning with Flashcards - ABC"

    Wonderful educational flashcards printed on both sides for each letter and word starting with that letter. Connected with a sturdy plastic ring. Great for taking anywhere and easy to keep. Available in both Arabic and English. Helps children learn and review letters through play. Printed on very strong cards so children can enjoy playing with them. Description: Size: 10 * 10 Number of pages: 58 Cover: 28 cards within a box
    QAR 55
    Picture of "Alhamd Series Package"

    "Alhamd Series Package"

    Author: Arzu Demir Language: Arabic Age Group: 4+ years There are many things that we should thank Allah for in our lives. We feel happy when we realize their meaning and importance in our lives. And how wonderful it is to realize that at a young age. This series consists of four books: "I Thank My Lord for His Blessings," "For the Presence of My Mother," "For the Presence of My Father," and "For the Presence of My Brother."
    QAR 80
    Picture of I Pray with Daddy

    I Pray with Daddy

    Praying with Daddy Language: Arabic Let our children live the spirituality and tranquility of prayer, and let prayer be their sanctuary from a young age. This book lays the groundwork for children to love prayer and emphasizes the role of the father as a good example for his children. The child acquires from the book the linguistic vocabulary associated with the pillars of prayer such as bowing and prostration.
    QAR 49
    Picture of A Day in a Child's Life - A Day at the Health Center

    A Day in a Child's Life - A Day at the Health Center

    A Day in a Child's Life" is an interactive educational series aimed at encouraging children to share their daily events and stimulate them to read before entering school. Specifically designed for early education, it's full of attractive illustrations and simple sentences. How do you encourage your child to express their daily events when visiting the health center? How do you introduce them to the medical tools they see there? And how do you guide them to the importance of following the doctor's instructions and visiting him from time to time? This story addresses the time children spend at the health center when necessary, and the various examinations the doctor conducts for them. All of this is done in a distinctive interactive style, where the child points out specific things in the story, learning how the doctor's stethoscope works, the chest examination device, and the eye examination chart. This aims to engage the child in reading and enjoying the story, while drawing their attention to the importance of maintaining their health and visiting the doctor whenever necessary. This is one of the stories in the "A Day in a Child's Life" series, which are interactive educational stories targeting children for early education. Age: 4+
    QAR 35
    Picture of The "Why" Series: Why Do I Need Sleep?

    The "Why" Series: Why Do I Need Sleep?

    Author: Simon Cushman Language: Arabic Age Group: 4+ Young children are extremely curious and eager to explore the world around them. They constantly ask questions and expect answers from adults. This book provides simple answers to their inquiries about sleep and how it energizes the body and mind.
    QAR 25
    Picture of  Series: "Why": Why Do I Eat Vegetables?

    Series: "Why": Why Do I Eat Vegetables?

    Author: Simon Cushman Language: Arabic Age Group: 4+ Curious children ask question after question, seeking to learn more with each inquiry. If your children don't like vegetables or are hesitant to try certain types, this book with its questions, answers, illustrations, and colors may encourage them to taste new kinds of vegetables they haven't tried before!
    QAR 25
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