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    "Dark Room"

    Title: "ها أنا الآن في هذا المكان المظلم" Author: وفاء الشامسي Illustrator: أميرة شل Language: Arabic Age Group: 2 - 7 years "I am now in this dark place. Mom, Dad, can you hear me? I want to get out of this dark room. I don't like the darkness, and I don't want to be in this place! Is this dark room a punishment for me?" This story takes us deep into the feelings of the protagonist and how he faces feelings of anger and frustration from his parents' arguments and differences in front of him. Does he share his feelings with them and be honest, or does he keep his feelings inside and let them accumulate into violent outbursts of anger? It's a beautiful story that opens up avenues for discussion with children and gives us the opportunity to let them know that negative feelings exist, and conflicts happen, but how we express ourselves and our dissatisfaction is what matters.
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