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    "I Follow the Messenger of Allah (10 Books)"

    Series of educational Islamic stories dedicated to our young children, consisting of 10 parts aimed at cultivating their love for reading and acquainting them with the most important Islamic manners and ethics derived from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and presenting them with a bouquet of noble Prophetic traditions in an enjoyable and accessible manner. Do you want your son to follow the morals of our noble Prophet? Do you want to develop his reading and comprehension skills? Do you want to guide him towards adopting righteous behavior in an enjoyable way? The protagonists of this series are Khalid and Asmaa, two young brothers full of love for those around them and eager to explore life and discover everything new and beneficial, and to follow in the footsteps of those who will make them righteous individuals in society. Their role model is the noblest of creation, our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). One day, the brothers thought of creating a website dedicated to the noble Hadith, where they would document the traditions related to the situations they encountered in their daily lives and share them with their friends. Will they succeed in enriching this website with valuable Hadiths? What events will they face? What lessons will they learn? This is what we will find out in this enjoyable series, where your child will learn the noble virtues and the meaning of the noble Prophetic tradition in the most wonderful way possible. This series includes the following parts: 1. The Charitable Market 2. Seeking Knowledge 3. Extravagance Prevents Blessings 4. Do Not Harm Animals 5. Fulfill Promises 6. Apologize When I Make Mistakes 7. Good Manners 8. Gratitude 9. Be Kind to Parents 10. Visiting Relatives Age: +6 years
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