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    "The Noble Biography of Our Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him"

    Title: Introducing Your Child to His Noble Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him Description: This book introduces your child to our noble Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in a simple and smooth manner, instilling in their heart a love for him through reading his biography and about the sacrifices he made for his nation. It was in the month of Rabi' al-Awwal, on a night full of shining stars, A new star appeared in the sky. It was a distinctive star that people had never seen before At that time, a child was born in a house in Mecca His mother was Aminah, and his father was Abdullah His mother embraced him Oh, if only his father had seen him that day... who knows how much he would have loved him The messengers hurried to inform his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, of the news of his arrival Abdul Muttalib was overjoyed with this news and named his grandson the orphan "Muhammad" Age: +6 years
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