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    Title: "عيني أكبر من بطني" Translation: "My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach"

    Title: "سلمى وشهر رمضان" Author: رحيمة سهيلي Language: Arabic Age Group: 4+ years Salma decided to fast the entire month of Ramadan, and she pledged not to break her fast until she heard the Maghrib call to prayer and the Ramadan cannon. Despite her family being busy preparing Iftar meals and the enticing aroma of food spreading throughout the house, Salma's hunger grew. She began filling the plates with appetizers, soup, main dishes, and desserts... and in large quantities! Have you ever tried fasting like Salma? And does your stomach expand to accommodate everything you see? Note: The translation provided is a summary of the book's content.
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